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Hi I'm iain gardiner

Whichever type of session you book

you can expect:

  • Identification of your issue as fast as possible.

  • Focussed attention on the issue.

  • Within the limits of time, assessment of your body holistically for balance and harmony. 

  • An honest and pragmatic appraisal to ensure you step into the world feeling real change.

No Discrimination Here ~ Book with confidence 

at your SERVICE



60 mins 130$

Other treatment lengths available.

Intuitive Massage
and/or Massage Combo

From 195$ to 290$


on your needs.

Connect with those on the other side of life
Heavenly Sky

From 195$ to 290$

Meet Lily

..butt, leg, arm, head ...anywhere?

You're in safe hands which have had 20 years of experience releasing soft tissue in numerous clients.

Do you have a Private Health Fund? No problem!

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A little modern day magic sound good?

Let's see..hmmm... you'll get clarity, guidance a new perspective and very likely a secret trick or two to sort out life.  Yes, that's right, life is simple when we shift your roadblocks!

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..with your dearly departed?

Folks on the 'other side of life' are closer than you may suppose.  They have an awareness beyond their earthly perceptions and often we can 'tune in' and ask questions to receive answers.

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How's some Q&A...

A pain in the neck...

Fancy some hocus pocus?

iain gardiner 
Phone: 0419 379 147
Opening Hours

Wed, Fri: 9:30am - 7:30pm

Sat: 8am - 7pm​​

Sun, Mon, Tue, Thu: Closed

Level 1

Coogee Physio

8 Malabar Road

South Coogee

New South Wales

Australia 2034

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