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Aura-Soma asked me to be serious here I copy and pasted their stuff.  Read on!

The Aura-Soma Colour system is the only system of self-empowerment in the world
that is created using life force energy, working on an unconscious vibrational level.
Every raw ingredient is hand selected for purity and synergistic effect. The water used is activated as it is within nature and it is prepared for best assimilation into the human body. Naturally occurring crystals are treated using ancient alchemical processes and the plants and herbs are biodynamic and organic, as many as the UK climate allows grown on Shire Farm.


Vicky Wall, with divine inspiration, created the Aura-Soma Colour system and in the
process began a lifelong mission of making it available to all those who truly seek it.
Mike Booth, now the custodian of the brand, has since contributed unique energy
enhancing processes so the bottles have become true living energies and provide
colour like never seen before, as he continues to nurture Vicky Walls legacy.


Every aspect of the Aura-Soma Colour system process is infused with love and
beneficial intention, creating a product that brings colour and vitality to so many
people’s lives. The system is self-selecting.  The colours you are drawn to are the
colours you need.  No one knows us better than ourselves. If you trust in the vibrational energy felt when selecting the Equilibrium bottles in person, it can become the ultimate wellness tool, helping you become 
the very best version of yourself.





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