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Q&A with your dearly departed.

Those who have transitioned to the other side of life are closer than you may suppose.

Often we have questions to bring clarity, freedom, forgiveness and deeper connection.


Despite the physical loss you can gain a sense of their closeness through iain's enagagment with them.

This process is always 'questions based', because iain's intention is to always focus on helping connections to evolve for greater peace.



The process is very straightforward.  All iain requires is the first name and age (at the end of life) of the individual and a connection can be made.


When ready, iain will request your questions one by one and will receive answers.

Proof of connection will come through the answers to the questions and often the individual will offer extra proof which will be meaningful to the querent (you).

There is nothing 'scary' about the process as it is exactly the same as if the person were still alive. 

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