Gift Cards


  1. Fill in the form as indicated.

  2. Personalise your gift with a message.

  3. Identify the service below you wish to gift and put the price in the 'Gift Amount' box.

  4. You will be emailed the Gift Card which you can print out.

  5. The recipient is free to choose the service they prefer up to the amount you have gifted.


(NB: The default value of $130 is for a 60 minute Remedial Massage)

Please note: In line with NSW Law all Gift Cards have a 3 year expiry term.

Pricing Guide:



Remedial Massage:

$195 for 90 Minutes

$130 for 60 Minutes

Massage/Guidance Combo

$280 for 90 Minutes

$187 for 60 Minutes

Pricing Guide:

Intuitive Guidance and Healing sessions:


$280 for 90 Minutes

$187 for 60 Minutes