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Real Life Hocus Pocus

Intuitive Guidance and Mentoring

Healing and Self Renewal is more effective when teamed with guidance and clarity.  

Yes, energies can be shifted in a session, however the greater work is done when you feel renewed, healed and supported to get on with life.

iain will listen and intuit the Truth of what is happening around you, then go to work to set you up to step out into the world transformed and evolving.  The key to this is giving you tools that you can use to become greater than when you first step iain's space.


Learn to co-create your reality! 

iain's style is pragmatic, down-to-earth and everything is expressed in terms that you can put to practical use.

Get assistance with, love, relationships with family and others, work, money and straightforward evolution of Self.

It's serious stuff and at the same time it's all good fun!


iain urges you to 'play-along' with what he offers!

Time to Change! Time to feel REAL change!

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